The wellbeing of your staff is indicative of the wellness of your organisation

The Wellbeing2u Health Hub is an online motivational and interactive health information tool. It features integrated health information, programs, calculators and more. The expert clinical advice is overseen by Australian Doctors and it’s a service you can trust. It is not intended to replace or substitute the advice of your doctor.

You will gain a subscription to the fortnightly Wellbeing2u Health Hub e-newsletter, featuring articles on exercise, nutrition and health management.

Once you have organised your workplace massage program to address issues that staff may be experiencing as a result of poor posture, lack of awareness, or poor ergonomics you can register and:-
  • Assess your wellbeing – by completing a comprehensive questionnaire about your health and discover the impact of your lifestyle on your biological age.
  • Learn how to manage symptoms of an existing health condition or prevent ill health by undertaking a Health Action Plan course. Topics include sport and general fitness, diabetes management, heart and lung health, as well as weight loss and mental health management.
  • Calculate your risks of developing a chronic health condition and your current level of symptoms for stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Create activity plans according to your fitness goals and available exercise equipment, as well a seven-day meal plans based on your dietary requirements and weight management goals.
  • Watch interactive animated videos on a range of common medical procedure and health conditions, to help you make informed health care choices.
  • Read informative articles, exercises and recipes sent straight to your inbox via a fortnightly email newsletter for your convenience.